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  Larry Trefz Is A Hunter of Truth In Macro Economics, Financial Markets and Social Science

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"Understanding Money In The Digital Age", delivered by Larry Trefz

Larry Trefz has been a student of financial markets and business for over 20 years.  He has been a lecturer and author since 1997.  The history of money, finance and modern global financial markets have been the focus of his intense study.  He enjoys making the concepts of money, global finance and macro economics understandable, interesting and of practical use.

He is a regular contributor to the financial website Seeking Alpha.  Please see this link to his articles:

Currently, he is offering “Understanding Money In The Digital Age”.  This comprehensive lecture is approximately 1 hour in length, which includes a few minutes for audience participation and questions. 

Understanding Money In The Digital Age, covers:

  • The evolution of money from gold, silver, paper to its current digital form.
  • History and problems with money.
  • Answers the fundamental question of what money really is.
  • Explains how modern money is created and how it gets to an individual or entity.
  • Explains how to identify inflation and deflation and general investing principles for each scenario.
  • Explains how generations view money differently and its economic effects.
  • Explains the role of the Federal Reserve in the monetary and banking system, as it relates to money.
  • Explains the role of credit and debt.

This lecture is available to business and corporate groups, retirement communities, church groups, government entities and schools.  This is a Power Point style lecture and requires the meeting facility to be equipped for that purpose.

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