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Conservatives, Liberals And Progressives –My View

Conservative, liberal, progressive; mention any of those words almost anywhere and you are likely to spark intense feelings and heated discussions. But what do those words really mean and what do they say about how we view the world.

I think each of those three words represents a view on time.

A conservative puts their emphasis on referencing the past and “conserving” it. The lessons and information from the past is generally their guide to the future. Conservatives often appear stuffy and “stuck in the mud” to liberals and progressives.

A liberal intends to live primarily in the present moment with little or no reference to the past or the future. They are “open minded”. Practically speaking however, this is a difficult balancing act because, like it or not, each of us is affected by the past and our hopes and aspirations for the future.

A progressive, intends to live in reference to the future. They appear to have the desire to leave the past behind and give its lessons little or no weight. They are ready to venture into the future and don't want to be restrained by the past. Given that the future has yet to unfold, the progressive often appears impractical, unrealistic and a dreamer to the other two groups but more so to the conservative.

Liberals seem silly to conservatives because they appear to refuse the lessons of the past and do not appear take seriously the consequences of their actions on the future, as the future appears to a conservative.

It could be said that the conservative values stability very highly. Since the past is quite clear, the conservative values the lessons from the past and assumes that the future will unfold according to similar guidelines as the past. Much to the surprise of conservatives, the way things work out for liberals is often less dire than would have been predicted by conservatives. This is due to the fact that the liberal is more open to new possibilities and changes in the moment, they tend to adapt quickly and go with the flow. The progressive is the most concerning to the conservative because they appear to have a dangerous derision for the lessons of the past. The conservative grates on the nerves of the progressive because the conservative appears to refuse to “get with the program” and move forward.

Practically speaking, we each have to deal with the past, the present and the future. How we do that is part of what makes us unique as individuals and gets us labeled as a conservative, liberal or progressive.

Conserving the good and valuable lessons from the past seems important to me.

Being able to adapt quickly to changing situations in the present moment is something I consider very valuable.

Being willing to take the risk of plunging ahead and venturing into the future gives life spice --so you could call me a ConservativeLiberalProgressive. Thats my view.  --Larry Trefz