Larry Trefz Is A Researcher, Author And Lecturer In The Fields of Mind/Brain Development and Macro Economics

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  Larry Trefz Is A Hunter of Truth In Macro Economics, Financial Markets and Social Science

The concepts of time and space are tools that the human brain uses to organize the universe into something that is understandable.  Time and space have made it possible for us to conceptualize material things but the true nature of reality is deeper than that.

There is a place where pure spirit is to be found. This place can be accessed by any person. This place is the present moment, free from past regrets and future worries. By dwelling fully in the present moment and stilling the mind from wandering into the past or the future, a place is found that is completely free from pain, physical or psychological. Pain can only be experienced when we allow a mental bridge from the past to the future across the present moment. Lift the twin drawbridge, the one side leading to the past and the other to the future, in the space between the calm of spirit lies unperturbed.

--Larry Trefz